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'Feel Life …. Feel me'

All these years you walked
wondering why you were here.
With every reason you found…
you were lost in the hemisphere.

Each moving day, you said
is getting you closer…
Somewhere to a mysterious dim,
undiscovered and unclear.

You walked and you dreamed
dreamed black and white.
Just when you reached a valley of flowers,
must have been out of sight.

You moved ahead you found
fragrances all around.
Colourful, lively and mischeivious
with flowers you were bound.

Ever counted the colours on the butterflies…
flirting with those flowers?
You didn’t…. you were busy,
Counting your days and hours.

Never you searched for me
though you had been to this land…
Always mingling with the stars above
wanted to see GOD and shake her hand.

You came and you were gone
and wondered why it happened so…
I was un-noticed and you missed me
When I was just beneath your toe.

Time moved and so you did.
In search of life, you were still in a fix
You came again, you were admist..
in the valley of flowers!

You looked here, you hopped there,
this time I saw you with passion so rare
In search of Life you were in the right place…
luv and happiness you wanted to share.

May be this was the time.
Amongst all those pinks, yellows & violets…
with a wind I flew,
into your hands when you were about to lean…
“Hi there, I am Jasmine”. :)
This poem i wrote in the 12 mid-night .. took me around 75 mins.. is dedicated to my friend whose mission objective is to find the purpose of his arrival :) (Smile)
blueleo9 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2001
Great Imagery, beautiful poem. I really like it, put me in a sort of good mood! awesome. :) (Smile)

sadwings1 Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2001
Great poem, Great work!

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=Because sometimes revenge is a must.= -------------------------------------- tml
titscratch Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2001
nice imagery etc, nice poem. i like.

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June 22, 2001
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